West Georgia Regional Airport is located 40 miles west of Atlanta.

West Georgia Regional Airport - CTJ
Carrollton, Georgia


West Georgia Regional Airport
Phone number:

635 Regional Airport Road
Carrollton, GA 30117

FBO Hours        Terry Cusack, FBO Manager
M-F 8am-6pm        Cell: 678-386-5984
Sat 8am-6pm                Email: Terry.Cusack@wgraa.com
Sun 1pm-5pm

Airport Operations
Unicon 122.975
Runways 17-35
ILS Runway 35
GPS Runways 17 and 35
Pilot controlled lighting

Competitive prices on 100LL and Jet-A
Crew Cars
Tie Downs
24/7 Pilot's lounge
24/7 Self fueling
Hangar rentals
Nearby restaurants and hotels
Aircraft maintenance and painting on field
Flight instruction and aircraft rental on field
EAA Chapter 976 on field
Just off Interstate 20 - 40 miles west of Atlanta
Outside of ATL Class-B airspace

Fuel Prices
100LL Self-Serve  $3.65 Full Serve $4.29
Jet-A+  Self-Serve  $2.59 Full Serve $3.19

Use of a Phillips 66 Aviation Card offers a $0.10/gallon discount on fuel!

Ethanol Free Self-Serve MoGas $3.49.

Susan Heath
Airport Manager
C: 770-354-5927
email: susan.heath@wgraa.com


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